What is STEM?

STEM learning is the way of a successful, educated future. Science, Engineering, Technology and Math are the focus for creative, innovative and exploratory learning practices. The beauty of learning through STEM is kids forget they are learning. Through experiences, children learn when they don’t realize. Observing science experiments, solving engineering puzzles, creating technological codes and applying math equations to solve problems are tangible methods of learning that truly prepare children for the “real-life” future. In recent years, educators have added Arts to the curriculum creating STEM education.

While many schools are adopting STEM learning techniques, parents can continue the experience at home with kids educational toys, specifically targeting the STEM subjects. Kids love playing, and we love making learning fun. That’s why it’s Fun Physics’ mission to encourage an enhanced way of play. As a family of engineers, Fun Physics strives to engage children in learning with developmental toys. Children that play with STEM toys are likely to pick up on the workings of the natural world.

Children, especially ages 2-8 years old, are very susceptible to creative thinking. Without the extrinsic societal influences on thought processes, children have the ability to think freely without the rules and regulations many adults accidentally build. This brings out the innovation at a young age. When children are exposed to the high-level thinking at an early age, it becomes habitual to think outside of the box and into the world of pure genius.

STEM education is a national priority. It originated as the United States realized other countries were advancing in education while the U.S. remained stagnant, especially in the science, technology, engineering and math subject areas. Young adults were straying away from the sciences as a career path. Therefore, educators came together to develop an education curriculum to interest children in these subjects from an early age. It is working!

So, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, any adults, we are calling you to continue this action. Give your children the opportunity for a fantastic career life full of thought-provoking, intellectual, out-of-the-box thinking by starting young and fostering educational learning with STEM toys.